Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post # 30: Oil, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and Heads In The Sand

I was listening to radio as I drove home from work this evening.  First was a dialog from Washington regarding the urgent need to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).  The SPR holds 727 million barrels of oil.  (This is only ~ 75 days worth of our average daily petroleum import of 9.7 million barrels.)  The hope among those who are advocates for opening the SPR is that doing so would relieve the upward price pressure on gasoline at the pump.  It's a sad situation when a 30-cent spike in the price of gasoline at the pump sends us into such a panic.

The next discussion I heard had to do with enforcing a "no fly" zone over Libya.  While there a plethora of humanitarian and political reasons for taking such steps, the bottom line is that one of the major factors behind the thinking of many who advocate this step is their hope that stabilization of the Libyan crisis will also stabilize oil prices.  We have and we will again fight wars over oil.

What a price we pay and our children will pay for our "addiction to oil" (to use President Bush's language).

We need a sustainable energy policy... NOW.

Just thinking...

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