Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post # 74: The Canary, The Ostrich, and the Black Swan

I've been pretty busy lately.  I just returned prior to Thanksgiving from the American Nuclear Society's Winter Meeting in San Diego California, where I participated in the embedded International Meeting on Severe Accident Assessment and Management: Lessons Learned from Fukushima Daiichi.  As I mentioned in Post # 73, I presented a paper, "The Canary, The Ostrich, and the Black Swan – An Historical Perspective on Our Understanding of BWR Severe Accidents and Their Mitigation."  The full paper (22 pages with over 60 references) is contained in the proceedings of the meeting (available from the ANS).  Here are the viewcharts from my presentation...

    Canary Ostrich Black Swan SLIDES 13Nov12     




  1. Mr. Greene,
    I am a PhD student at Cambridge University, UK. I am very interested with your conceptual design of SmAHTR. Is the project still ongoing because I couldn't find any recent publication on SmAHTR in 2012. If it is still ongoing, what is the research opportunity related to the SmAHTR design? I am interested in doing thermomechanical and thermohydraulic assesment on the reactor for my PhD project. Looking forward to your reply

  2. Hassan,
    PM sent.
    Thanks for the comment/inquiry.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Steven. The full version of the paper (currently only available in the Fukushima Lessons Learned meeting proceedings) should be published in the ANS journal, Nuclear Technology, later this year. Cheers!