Monday, December 9, 2013

Post # 88: The 3COP Method – Transforming the Oral Presentation Skills of Technical Professionals

I'm a terrible blogger.  Really.

I routinely violate the 1st Rule of Blogging, which  states that one must add new content to one's blog frequently and regularly.  The optimal interval between entries is supposedly no more than one week.  Daily is far better.  Really?

Look down below at the date of my last previous posting – August.  Que pasa?

I am not a "professional blogger".  I follow "3 Simple Rules" for blogging: (1) I do not blog simply to demonstrate I'm alive; (2) I blog when I have a well-structured, fresh, original, or insightful thought to offer; and (3) I honor my readers and never lose site of the privilege bestowed on me by those who actually take time away from the other demands of life to read what I have to say.

So why no blog since August?

Well, it's not because I've quite observing and thinking.  It's because I've been otherwise preoccupied.  Two other endeavors have sequestered my attention during the past several months.  First, we've had some serious family health issues this year.  They are, thankfully, mostly behind us.  But they have deserved and demanded my priority.  Secondly, during the past six months, I've devoted virtually every free moment to (finally) bringing to fruition a vision I've had for well over ten years...

One of the reasons I blog is that I have a passion for communicating technical information to diverse audiences.  One of the most disconcerting observations I've made about technical professionals during the course of my career is that some of the finest scientists, engineers, and project professionals lack the training and skills to excel during those critical oral presentations that punctuate careers and business life cycles in scientific, technical, regulatory, and "high-tech" businesses. 

This really shouldn't be surprising, because most technical professionals have had no formal training in the craft of preparing and delivering effective technical oral presentations.

For well over ten years, I've had a vision for integrating my (now 35 years of) experience as a technical communicator in the energy and research business, with the best thinking of the cognitive science community, to create a method for preparing and delivering high-consequence oral presentations in high-stress environments (think Regulatory & Safety Reviews, Investor/Sponsor Meetings, Best & Final Proposal Presentations, Major Project Reviews, etc.).

I'm pleased to say the vision is now a reality: announcing the "3C-Oral Presentation" or "3COP" Method.  (In case you're wondering, the "3C" stands for CLEAR, CONCISE, and COMPELLING.)   During the second half of this year, I put the finishing touches on 3COP, and began conducting 1-day workshops for my clients at Advanced Technology Insights, LLC.

I'm passionate about the 3COP Method, because I know it can transform the communication effectiveness of our technical communities, strengthen relationships, promote broader understanding of complex issues, advance careers, and build business success for its practitioners.

The 3COP Workshop is an immersive training experience designed to transform the oral presentation skills of technical professionals whose success is captive to their ability to effectively communicate complex, controversial, and detailed information in demanding business and tightly-controlled regulatory environments.  If you and your company are in the 
  • research
  • engineering development
  • regulatory compliance
  • project management, or 
  • high-tech product business,
the 3COP Method is for you!

Please check it out at today!

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