Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Post # 103: Iran's Version of the Facts

In the last post (#102) I provided a brief analysis of the contents of the US Fact Sheet regarding the nuclear framework agreement with Iran.

You had to know it would happen...

Harvard University translated the Iranian Fact Sheet – Iran's version of the details of the framework for the nuclear deal.  Guess what?   It conflicts with the U.S. Fact Sheet in some VERY important ways.

In the interest of not wasting my time reproducing what already exists, I'll just refer you here and here, to a couple of brief analyses of the areas in which the two "Fact Sheets" conflict with each other... (It's difficult to find an analysis in which the commentator doesn't have an axe to grind.)

Regardless of which version of the "facts" one adopts, here are some high-level observations about areas in which the two fact sheets appear to agree...
  • Iran will be left with over 5000 operational centrifuges.
  • Iran will be left with an intact nuclear research (including enrichment technology) infrastructure (facilities) and a research program.
  • UN sanctions would be lifted (the two fact sheets disagree on when that will happen) - with no so-called "snap-back" mechanism to reinstate them if Iran doesn't comply with the terms of the agreement.
  • Iran will not be required as a condition of the agreement to modify its broader behavior in the middle-east and around the world
It's clear Iran's nuclear knowledge and technology genies aren't going back into the bottle...  I believe a truly objective analysis of this agreement (even if the US version of the facts is 100% correct and it is perfectly implemented) is that it will not prevent Iran from securing a nuclear weapon.  Perhaps delay that day, but not prevent it.  And it will not result in a change in Iran's otherwise aggressive and disruptive behavior in the Middle East and around the world. (In fact, it could actually exacerbate Iran's behavior because once sanctions are lifted and the Iranian economy improves, Iran will have more resources available to pursue their broader goals.)

Sobering no matter how you cut it...

Just Thinking,

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