Friday, October 27, 2017

Post # 112: My Presentation Next Week on Resilient Nuclear Power Plants (rNPPs) at Winter ANS Meeting

Just a "heads-up"...

Next Wednesday morning (November 1), I'll be presenting a paper on my concept of resilient nuclear power plants (rNPPs) at the American Nuclear Society's Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.  

The presentation, entitled "Enhancing Electric Grid and Critical Infrastructure Resilience With Resilient Nuclear Power Plants (rNPPs)," is scheduled to begin at 1050 in the Advanced/Gen-IV Reactors – II Session.  The venue for the presentation is the Washington 1 Room in the Marriott Wardman Park.

The paper addresses the concepts of critical infrastructure and electric Grid resilience, the definition of a "resilient Nuclear Power Plant" or "rNPP", the primary attributes of an rNPP, the functional requirements of an rNPP, potential applications of rNPPs, and some potentially-enabling design features of rNPPs – all in the concise 20-minute timeframe allocated for the presentation.

I hope to see you there!  Let's talk resilience!

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