Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post # 18: The Five Imperatives of Nuclear Energy

This past week I was on the road.  I attended the American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting in San Diego where I presented a paper entitled, "Fluoride Salt High Temperature Reactors (FHRs) and the Five Imperatives of Nuclear Energy".   The Imperatives are the five nuclear energy objectives I believe the U.S. must achieve in order to secure a sustainable energy future for our country.  The Five Imperatives are:

  1. Extend the life, improve the performance, and sustain the health and safety of the current commercial nuclear power fleet;
  2. Improve the affordability of nuclear energy;
  3. Enable the transition away from fossil fuels in the transportation and industrial sectors;
  4. Achieve sustainable nuclear fuel cycles;
  5. Assure the deployment of nuclear power systems does not result in the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

These Five Imperatives are an integrated framework of outcomes that will assure a long-term supply of safe, secure, affordable, environmentally sustainable nuclear energy for generations to come.  I'll be discussing each of these Five Imperatives in more detail here in future posts.

Colossians 1:17