Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post # 64: I join EnergX

It's been a couple of months since I last posted.  In my last post I hinted at yet another change in my professional evolution.  With this post I'm delighted to announce what some of you already know – I joined EnergX, LLC on March 5th as Vice President of Consulting Services.

EnergX is Oak Ridge, Tennessee company with a presence in Denver and Hanford.  EnergX's founder, Dr. Tony Buhl, is a well known and widely respected figure in the nuclear energy industry, having been in the control room at Three Mile Island during the accident at TMI-2, and having led the nuclear industry's decade-long Industrial Degraded Core Rulemaking (IDCOR) program in the 1980s.  EnergX's resume includes major successful nuclear waste remediation and site cleanup projects at Rocky Flats and Oak Ridge.  EnergX is a leader in the burgeoning field of organizational safety culture transition and training, and offers a spectrum of energy consulting services ranging from nuclear plant severe accident analysis and risk assessment to nuclear facility operations analysis, technology readiness assessments, etc.

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So, now the answer to the question I've been asked several times:  Why, having gone to the time, expense, and trouble to establish my own company (Advanced Technology Insights, LLC), would I depart from that path to join EnergX?

Several components to the answer... First, the EnergX team is top-shelf.  Tony and my new colleagues at EnergX are embodiments of personal and corporate integrity, and excellence in action.  I've always sought to associated with the best in our business.  I've found a "community of excellence" at EnergX.  Secondly, Tony has offered me an opportunity to tackle bigger challenges, with greater assets than I could muster as a "1-man+" business.  Our planet, our nation, and the energy industry face major challenges and opportunities in the coming years.  EnergX is a company with the integrity, passion, assets, and capabilities to untie the "gordian knot" of these energy - environment - societal challenges.

So if you see me around, let's talk energy.  Let's talk EnergX !