Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post # 63: The Launch of Advanced Technology Insights, LLC

Some of you have contacted me of late to ask, "What's up?  You've gone silent."  This is just a quick note to let you know I've not disappeared.  In fact, much as been afoot (to quote that famous private eye from Baker Street) at the Greene household in the past several weeks.

I finished a major renovation to a bedroom in our home and now have a wonderful home office.  I installed a four-post automotive storage lift in our garage, so I can now store three automobiles in our two-car garage.  And the largest home project of all – a complete replacement of our exterior cedar siding with James Hardie-Plank lap siding – just began a couple of weeks ago.  So it's been busy around the Greene house.

And I can belatedly report one major development on the business/career front... I made it clear when I retired from ORNL last September I had no plans to permanently withdraw from the pursuit of my career and my engagement in the science, technology, and business arenas.  (I don't believe retirement, as classically defined, is a Biblical principle – but that's another discussion.)  I've still too much fire in the belly and passion to engage on the major issues of the day to call it quits.

During the past few months I'd evaluated several attractive options for the next phase of my career.  With time, it became clear an attractive option for me personally and professionally was to launch my own consulting practice. So in January, I launched my new company – Advanced Technology Insights, LLC, or ATI for short.  With the launch of ATI, my focus turned to applying the knowledge, insights, methods, and lessons I learned from over thirty years in the energy R&D business to the solution of key energy and technology challenges we're facing in this new millennia.  My plan was for ATI to focus on energy R&D strategy and program implementation, advanced technology readiness and maturation assessments, and corporate strategic planning at the nexus of the energy, environment, and social/cultural arenas.  So down that road I went.

But, there's some late-breaking, and (for me) really exciting news I will share very, very soon – an unexpected "turn" in the road I had planned to pursue.

But I have to run for now, so I guess you'll just have to watch my blog over the next few days for that update.  (Smile.)